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Bring a friend to DT9!

To suggest DT9 affiliation can be very convenient for all cooperators, affiliates and for those who believed in this project.

Why is it convenient?

  1. Each affiliate who sponsors a sub-affiliate earns a percentage of their commissions. It’s a multilevel marketing model, meaning you earn on every new affiliate you bring!
  2. Until what level can you earn? There are four levels of sub-affiliation with different percentages, depending on the various sub-levels!
  3. Let’s see all the earning levels!
  • At the first level the affiliate earns 5% of the sub-affiliate commissions
  • At the second level (the sub-affiliate of the sub-affiliate of level 1), the affiliate earns 3%
  • At the third level he earns 1%
  • At the fourth level he earns 1%

Everyone is involved and protagonist in DT9’s affiliation network and which allows everyone to earn more, us and our affiliates representing the assets of the organization.


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